All BACB clay target leagues are held at 
Ben Avery Clay Target Center
5060 Skeet Street, Phoenix, AZ 85086  


PO Box 72988 
Phoenix, AZ 85050

(602) 571-4055 - Information


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Ben Avery Clay Busters Nonprofit Organization

Officers and Directors

Ben Avery

Clay Busters

Phoenix, Arizona

President:    Gary Leiser

President:              Gary Leiser

Vice President:      Don Phipps

Secretary:               Mary Hightower

Treasurer:              Cherie Schiffmacher    
Parliamentarian:    David Bibbee
Executive Director:  Marci Welton

Member-at-Large:  Glenn Hanf

​​Member-at-Large:   David Feirstein

Member-at-Large:  Leonard Russo

Member-at-Large:   Vaughn Hollman

Member-at-Large:    Greg Spiczka

Member-at-Large:   Karl Kish

Member-at-Large:   Kenny Leigh

Director of Sporting Clays:     Marci Welton

Director of Skeet Shooting:    Mary Hightower

Director of Trap Shooting:  Gary Leiser

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Board Meeting:  
      Monday, August 9 at 6:00 PM    

      Meetings are closed events, due to Covid-19