​​​​​For Shooters who have questions about the league or league scores, please contact League Coordinator, Paul Jacobs or your Sport's Director.

    * Contact Paul Jacobs for Trap
    * Contact Mary Hightower for Skeet
    * Contact Marci Welton for Sporting Clays/5-Stand

   Email: baclaybusters@gmail.com

or  Tel: (623) 203-6150. 

Paul is also available during league shoots

at Field #7.




January 3, 2018


April 11, 2018


August 29, 2018


January 10, 2018

Week #1: League Start

BYE: 5-stand only

April 18, 2018

Week #1: League Start

September 5, 2018

Week #: League Start

5-Stand League Changes

Wk #1: Saturday Shoot

January 13, 2018

January 31, 2018

BYE: 5-stand only

Wk #4: Saturday Shoot

February 3, 2018


BYE: February 21, 2018

BYE: March 14, 2018

March 28, 2018

Week #10: Last Week

June 20, 2018

Week #10: Last Week

November 7, 2018

Week #10: Last Week

April 4, 2018

Awards Banquet

June 27, 2018

Awards Banquet

November 28, 2018

Awards Banquet

Note: Registered targets are available for NSCA, NSSA and ATA.

Registrations for the Fall League are now open.

Register online at our STORE

or by mail; or submitting your registration in our club mailbox located on our Bulletin Board

​inside the Ben Avery Clay Target Center Pavilion

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​July 7:          ASSA "Muy Caliente," at Ben Avery Clay Target Center

July 7-8:       ASTA Summer Series, at Northern AZ Shooting Range

                     Winona, AZ

July 8:          ASCA: "My 38th" (100-target Tournament) &

                     "Coyote 50" for 50 targets, Coyote Springs Sporting Clays,

                     Tucson, AZ

July 14:         ASSA: "Gila Monster Madness" at Cochise Gun Club,

                      Sierra Vista, AZ

July 15:         Monthly Fun Shoot (Sporting Clays),

                     Picacho Sporting Clays, Eloy, AZ

July 20-22:   ASTA Western Zone Shoot, Tucson Trap & Skeet

July 21-22:   ASCA: "Summer Special I & II, Northern Arizona

                     Shooting Range, Winona, AZ

July 27-29:    ASTA Summer Series, Pleasant Valley Trap Club

                     Tucson Trap & Skeet

July 28-29:  ASSA "Summertime Open", Ft. Huachuca, AZ

August 29:     BACB On-site Registrations, 5 - 6:45 PM

                      Ben Avery Clay Target Center Pavilion

Sept. 5:          Week 1 of BACB Fall Leagues

(Use the linked form here)   


Registrations are available through PayPal and

by mailing the linked Registration Form

​​Check out our new STORE

​for PayPal Registrations

Ben Avery

Clay Busters

Phoenix, Arizona

League Sports


*  Trap
*  Double Trap
*  International Bunker Trap
*  Skeet
*  Sporting Clays (Spring & Fall Leagues)
*  5-Stand (Winter League Only)

Format: Each of the above sports requires 50 targets per week for 10-week league competitions.

League nights are Wednesday evenings only, with the exception of Bunker Trap which is on Saturday mornings at 9 AM. 

Make-Up and Shoot-Ahead Opportunities are available for those taking vacations or business trips, but must be arranged with the respective Sport Director. Make up opportunities are on league nights, but may be at a different time slot if scheduled through the BACB Sports Directors and with a Board Member as puller/referee. 

  • 2018 League Fees: $50  (includes BACB Membership & Awards Banquet)
  • $10 each for 2nd sport; available for Trap Shooters only
  • All shooters are responsible for their own Targets & Ammo 

Teams are comprised of 3 – 5 persons with 3 as the minimum to form a team.  The only exceptions are for: Double Trap and 5-Stand, conducted as individual competitions. Those who register without a team will be able to fill spots in squads that are not full.